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Bobtail Insurance, & NTL

Non-Trucking Liabilty Insurance

If you’re under permanent lease to a motor carrier that provides your primary liability coverage, you could benefit from our Non-Trucking Liability (NTL) coverage while using your truck for a non-business purpose. NTL kicks in when you use your truck on your days off for things like going to the movies, picking up groceries, attending sporting events or visiting friends. It can pay for medical and other expenses associated with injuries to others or damage to other peoples’ property that you cause. This endorsement only modifies the liability portion of your policy.

Bobtail vs Non-Trucking Liability

Non-Trucking Liability insurance is often incorrectly referred to as bobtail insurance. However, bobtail isn’t the same thing as Non-Trucking Liability. Please review your contract or verify with your motor carrier to determine which coverage you need.

What is Bobtail Insurance

Bobtail insurance and deadhead insurance mean the same thing. They are terms used interchangeably to describe non-trucking liability coverage. All trucking companies are required to have a primary liability insurance policy up to an amount that will vary based on the cargo they are transporting. This covers accidents that occur when the truck is dispatched and is delivering cargo. Bobtail Liability Insurance or sometimes referred to as Non Trucking Liability Insurance covers the truck when it is not hauling cargo, for instance, if it is making a return trip without a trailer, getting serviced or washed, or simply being used by the driver for matters unrelated to cargo transportation.

Why Do I Need Bobtail Insurance?

If you are an independent trucker or owner/operator that leases your services to a trucking company than bobtail insurance is probably for you. Trucking services or fleets usually carry the burden of insurance when they dispatch you to deliver cargo, but their coverage stops there. If you are involved in an accident outside the realm of delivery to the company that leases you, you won’t be covered under their insurance. Since your truck is your livelihood, it’s important to have proper insurance coverage at all times. A good bobtail insurance policy will give you peace of mind when you’re off the job.